Your Trusted Advisor For A Balanced Life

20140930_164827 (2)Given the intense stresses of our contemporary world, it’s no surprise that interest in spirituality is booming these days. Without access to inner peace, the outer turmoil of our lives can be overwhelming.

Yoga and mindfulness seem to be everywhere, and there is a heightened awareness of spiritual traditions that have survived thousands of years.

But yoga and meditation are not for everybody, and it can be daunting to find the practices that fulfill your soul and suit your temperament. Furthermore, in an era when so many have left the faiths in which they were raised, emotional baggage can get in the way of taking on new spiritual practices.

With my background in world religions and decades of experience in spiritual practice and personal development, I provide the guidance to help you find your path, as well as the coaching necessary to create and maintain new habits to balance your life.

Walking a spiritual path needn’t be about wearing specific clothing or eating specific food. It needn’t be about spirit animals, Buddhas or The Bible. Walking such a path need only be about tending to your humanity and connecting to something eternal and greater than yourself, whatever you call it.

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