Divination As A Source of Transformation

I provide instruction for high-achieving and creative individuals who suffer from stress, overwhelm and confusion. While my clients yearn for lives of great fulfillment and contribution, their deepest soul-based longings are often obscured by fear, social pressures and un-examined assumptions about who they should be and what life ought to be like

My extraordinary clients are willing to examine the sources of their greatest stress, question the assumptions at the base of their discontent and do the work necessary to transform their lives from fear to love. 

Practiced this way, divination does more than supply “the answers.” It distinguishes a map of how one is living now and provides directions towards greater fulfillment and peace for those with the courage to walk their soul’s true path.

Contact me at info@jesicadavis.com if you’d like to start working together now.

2 Responses to Divination As A Source of Transformation

  1. This website truly has all the info I needed concerrning this subject and
    didn’t know who to ask.

  2. Sean Hood says:

    Creativity is about finding patterns in the seemingly random. I’m looking forward to frequent blog posts!

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