Seven years ago this summer, I was pointed towards reading tarot cards* as a way to get in touch with my own intuition. To my surprise, I found more than intuition. I found a calling.

Little more than a year ago, a friend recommended I take an entrepreneurial assessment called Wealth Dynamics. The results indicated a natural affinity towards big picture thinking,bottom line analysis and pattern recognition.

Together, these  events  have awakened in me a deeper grasp of my ability to “read signs.” I’m not a psychic or a medium or a magician. But I do see things.

The above photo was taken on a beach in LA that once felt like home.

But since moving to Washington? Not so much.

Signs are everywhere, if you look for them.

*The deck, which I still use and highly recommend, is The Shining Tribe, designed by  Rachel Pollack, one of the world’s great authorities on divination.