Over the years, more than a few people have asked how I became a tarot card reader. With the exception of people who hail from a long line of diviners and fortune tellers, it IS an unusual field to fall into – especially for a Puerto Rican Jew from the Bronx who only ever really dreamed of being a movie director and winning an Academy Award. 

On the one hand, all it takes is a trip to a bookstore and the purchase of a set of cards. On the other hand, you could also do it the way I did:

1) Have a dream  and pursue it to the best of your ability.

2) Lose your passion in the pursuit of that dream, but remain unaware that there are any other options out there for you.

3) Endure a traumatic event that completely upends your identity and ability to cope.

4) Meet a spiritual healer who observes that you are completely out of touch with who you are and that you would benefit from daily readings with a pack of tarot cards. 

5) Read your own cards daily and start reading your friends’ too.

6) Be sitting in a cafe one day, doing your taxes, when the party planner for “middle eastern night” announces their tarot card reader has just cancelled.

7) Have a really great best friend who tells the party planner that, in fact, there IS a tarot card reader in the house.

8) Have a great time doing readings for the public and making money.

9) Spend a lot of time in therapy letting go of the old dream and creating space in your life for something new.

10) Practice, practice, practice.