Last week, one of my friend’s posted a link to an article by environmental journalist Bill McKibben in this week’s Rolling Stone magazine. While reading it reduced me to skulking around in a stuporous gloom for the rest of the day – even though it was my son’s birthday – I highly recommend you take a deep breath (or a drink or a toke) and dive in.

Entitled “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math,” the article lays out the numbers – in terms of amounts and time – that are leading us towards almost certain environmental doom. I do not, however, recommend you read it just to be depressed (though that certainly is a possibility). 

You should read it so you know. AND so that you can make your own choices about how to proceed. Ultimately, McKibben advocates for social unrest of the kind that characterized the civil rights and Vietnam anti-war movements. There IS an enemy, he insists. It’s the Oil Industry* and they are an enemy worth fighting. 

Once you get that, however, comes the next question: what will be your role, should you choose to play one? What will be mine? How do I use  my specific strengths and gifts, to make the maximum contribution to the fight of our lifetime?

*Not that you didn’t know that. But just to be sure you do, you can also view Josh and Rebecca Tickell’s documentary “The Big Fix.