As a tarot card reader, I frequently have to deal with the real or imagined reactions of people when I tell them what I do. Often there’s a subtle “WTF?” followed by a polite but blank “Oh” or a more inquisitive “how did you get started doing that?”

But regardless of what other people’s reactions are, I’ve been carrying around my own baggage around the term “tarot card reader” that I haven’t been able to shake.

Aren’t tarot card readers ladies who wear head scarves and long skirts?

Aren’t they gypsies operating out of storefronts that are really fronts of another kind?

Don’t they diagnose curses and then tell you that they’re the only person who can remove them?

Aren’t they frauds? Aren’t they charlatans? Aren’t they nothing like me?

I don’t know about you, but even though I have been a tarot card reader for several years now, I still get a little skeeved out by the term.

Which is why, after an exhilarating conversation with a good friend of mine last week, I’m trying out the more neutral sounding “intuitive” from now on.

And when people ask me what I do?

I’m going to say something like “I’m the person who helps you make the right decisions for your life. I’m here to help you confirm your intuitions and give you a new perspective on things. I’m here to provide wisdom.”

Because, really, no matter what you call me, or what I call myself, I’m here to help.