It was a little over a year ago when I finally surrendered to this path on which I find myself. Previously, I’d considered that doing readings and  practicing spiritual devotion were mere adjuncts to my “real” life – what I did in between gigs as a productive adult. With the support of an extraordinary group of women, I began to consider instead that I was already a productive adult.

For any of us raised in mainstream culture, slowing down can seem too closely akin to dropping out and going inward too akin to running away. But the more slowly I go, and the further I travel inward, the more aware I am of what the world has to give me – and the more aware of what I have to give.

On a “bad” day with the kids, I pulled into a parking lot, exasperated because someone had to pee and they weren’t going to be able to wait until we got home. It was that time of day when I felt as if I had absolutely no more to give. I just wanted to get going and go home.

Once the pit stop was complete,  I was ready to get back in the car.

But growing on the walk, between the Starbucks and our car, fresh raspberries beckoned.

I’m not saying that, in the past, I wouldn’t have stopped to taste the raspberries. But they certainly felt like a affirmation of what is possible when one stops hurrying and takes a look at the ground beneath one’s feet.