Did you ever think you had to be good at everything? I know this isn’t a problem that everybody has, but I know enough people who suffer from this perfectionism-itis, that it’s worth addressing.

I used to work in the film industry. On my resume was writer, director, offline editor, online editor, boom operator, sound recordist, assistant editor, producer, licenses and clearance maven and sound designer.

Was I good at everything? Maybe.

Was I great at anything?

Never got there.

What do I do now?

Intuitive readings and spiritual counselling.

What else could I also be doing? To name just a few things I constantly think I should be doing…Designing this website. Marketing myself. Social networking. Ceaselessly pursuing new clients.

Am I doing any of them? Not really.

Instead, I’m giving myself the opportunity to be great at one thing by admitting I don’t have to do everything: by accepting that I need help and surrendering to the idea that it’s better to enhance my strengths than strengthen my weaknesses.

Surrendering also to the idea that if I build it – my life as an intuitive, a mystic, a conduit between the lives of others and their own divinity – they will come.

It’s vulnerable. It’s radical. It’s dangerous.

It’s a risk worth taking and a game worth playing.