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February 2013

An Invitation and A Challenge


Last week, I posted my excitement about having found Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book Emergence at just the right moment. This week, I’m writing to share that, for the next ten weeks, I will be posting my experiences and reflections as I delve into the  Emergence Process. At the same time, I want to invite and challenge you to dive into that Process as well and post about it in the comments section of my blog.

In my work over the last few years, I’ve recognized that we all have access – all the time – to our inner wisdom. If we choose to listen.

My work as an intuitive, again and again, has shown me that, more often than not, we already know the answers we seek – but we don’t want to admit what they are. Perhaps the truth is too threatening to our status quo. Perhaps it would require us to leave our safety zone and take a risk. Or perhaps the truth is that we’re being called to stay put and do “nothing” when, more than anything in the world, we just want to “do something.”

Whatever the case, out of habit and influenced by the dominant thinking with which we live, all too often we ignore our own best guidance.

One week into this process and I’ve found a few of my own previously undistinguished reasons for not checking in with my inner wisdom more regularly (Hubbard calls it the “essential self.”). Reasons such as, “this problem is too mundane for my essential self to have anything to say about it.” Or “I’ve already checked in with my inner wisdom today, it couldn’t possibly have anything more to say.” Or, most painfully, “this (marriage, finances, parenting) isn’t a matter for inner wisdom, I’m just gonna have to figure it out on my own.”

It takes courage to surrender our usual action-oriented, problem-solving mind in the face of the same old “problems.” And yet, I’m already shocked by how many insights into my mental habits, and my strengths and weaknesses I’ve already had:  as well as how many synchronicities I’ve witnessed to confirm that I’m on the right path.

These experiences alone are encouraging me to continue and deepen the process. Especially because, as I wrote last week, if there is a way to live  and work with more ease and wisdom and with less (or no) anxiety, compulsion and desperation – I want to find it.  Don’t you?

Are You Willing To Live By Your Own Inner Wisdom?


Every once in a while I have the great fortune of coming across exactly the right book at the right time. Just when I feel lost in the middle of a great wood (as Dante would put it), like Virgil, the guide appears to lead me through the thicket. This time around, that guide is Barbara Marx Hubbard and the book is Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence.

The thicket through which she is guiding me?

In the last few months, you may have noticed, I’ve put a tremendous amount of work and attention into my practice as an intuitive consultant. I’ve created a website, worked on mission statements, value statements and vision statements: started a newsletter and took courses to advance my understanding of marketing and my relationship to money.

All while continuing to work with clients locally and across the country, and leading a circle of spiritual seekers in Tacoma. The momentum has felt fabulous and the growth gratifying. For perhaps the first time in my life, I have felt as if I was living my life “on purpose.” And yet, when it came to the next step…I’d been drawing a blank. Despite a notebook full of good ideas, this year it’s seemed as if every effort I made to further expand was blocked by forces beyond my control.

So where does Hubbard come in? Emergence is a challenge to “Put This Purpose First”, this purpose being the shift from living life out of the frightened, needy ego’s demands and fears towards a life guided by one’s own inner knowing and universal wisdom.

In other words, the guidance is to stop doing and start listening. In other other words: MEDITATE MORE, BE BUSY LESS.

Hubbard, herself, writes that to take such a step (especially in the midst of great ideas and great momentum) may require a person to have more faith than ever before. But without such a step – without a firm commitment to universal wisdom as the purpose above all others – even our most noble efforts are destined to be fulfilled in the old familiar space of anxiety, compulsion and desperation.

I had an entire previous career characterized by anxiety, compulsion and desperation. I know how to do that. I know how to fret over a notebook full of good ideas and worry that I’m not working hard enough.

What I don’t know how to do is let a space of peace and wisdom guide my choices not just a few minutes a day, or only during my quiet times, but always and forever – as a critical step towards my own conscious evolution and the evolution of consciousness on this planet.

I don’t know how to do it. But I want to.

Are You Struggling To See The Light?

Christmas in LA January in WA 380

Not quite two months into a new year and so far I’ve suffered seemingly innumerable car, computer, internet and phone challenges – not to mention a round of feverish, gut-wrenching influenza that hit the whole family, including my husband who was visiting from LA.

2012 had ended on a distinctly positive note. All was well; there was momentum in my financial, business and personal spheres. All pistons were firing. And then…nothing.

We’ve all had times like these and it’s not uncommon to hear, or even to think, “this too shall pass.” But when you’re in the middle of it, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It can be hard to even believe there is a light when this sheer winteriness has seeped so deeply into your soul.

I still don’t see the light. But I know there is one, because, at this point, that is my job. On Mondays, I sit  at Crescent Moon Gifts in Tacoma, making myself available to serve others looking for some light. The rest of the week, I make myself available via phone, via internet or across my kitchen table.

I know there is light, even when I can’t see it or feel it because that is my faith and my stand. There is light for me. There is light for you. And if we can make our ways through our own dark nights, we will live to see it and bask in it and enjoy the warmth.

We just have to hold on and believe, even when our senses tell us otherwise. Because this too shall pass.

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