Without stress – my mind has difficulty discerning when I’m “in action.”

When ease is present, I habitually judge myself as “unproductive”, “off the clock”, “ineffectual” and “passive.”

While there is surely such a thing as “slacking off”- i.e. not doing what there is to be done – it’s quite different from easily doing what needs to be done and enjoying yourself the rest of the time.

The deeper I go into the Emergence Process, I see less that needs to be done. And the more clear I become about what needs to be done in order to accomplish what really matters to me.

How often do you find yourself “busy” just for the sake of doing something?

Does something have to be “hard” to be worthwhile and are you making your life harder so you can feel better about yourself?

If you could live without stress, would you even be willing to do it? How else would you know that you were doing a good job?