february and march 121
Every blade of grass has an angel over it that whispers “grow, grow.” – From The Talmud

More often than not,  the only thing separating my clients from what they want – be it a dream, a business, a relationship or simply a more authentic life – is courage.

So often, I’ll give a reading only to learn that I’m not saying anything the client doesn’t already know. Sometimes, they just need to have it confirmed, but at other times, they’ve come to me specifically because they’d wished it wasn’t true. Those are the clients that come to me hoping that there is some other solution to their problem than the one staring them in the face: the one which absolutely terrifies them.

Either way, ordinary people are often far wiser than they give themselves credit for. But we don’t live in a wise world and, frequently, “right action” (as the Buddhists call it) looks like a terrifying one-way ticket to loneliness, insecurity, bankruptcy or worse.

And it can be a very hard sell.

I’ve long wondered how to give my clients (and myself) the courage to take “right action” when all the evidence presented by our selves and our worlds may be telling us not to rock the boat. I’ve wondered what is it that has a person take a leap of faith into the unknown when there’s no real way of knowing it will work out?

I’ve thought that, if I had a magic wand, that’s what I would use it for.

But I don’t. Instead, I have a growing relationship with a source of inner wisdom and security (my essence) that is gently suggesting to me that – once we are connected to our true selves, our true sources of power, AND learn to maintain that connection – we have nothing to fear.

This is a kind of courage that cannot be understood by the mind. It can only be felt by the heart, the soul and that inner knowing that we too often ignore. It is a courage that derives less from a kind of daring and more from the lived experience that all the love and security I’m afraid of losing can never be lost – that it lives within and is always within reach.

And if I can love myself that much and discover a new courage through that path, I can guide others to do the same. And perhaps that will be my magic wand.