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April 2013

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do Next? Keep Going

What Makes Mrs. Incredible So Incredible? Her Ability To Stretch Herself

On the one hand, things have rarely been better.

Recently I’ve made numerous personal and professional breakthroughs, while my kids have continued to grow and develop in their own unique ways.

On the other hand, this has also been one of the most challenging periods I can remember – distinguishing what to keep and what to give up as I move from one stage of life to the next. After all, when it comes to any transformation -spiritual, professional or otherwise – reassessment is a necessity.  

So lately, what fascinates me is not what my clients need to do, but what prevents them from doing it.

More often than not, the existent fear or belief that blocks us from realizing our dreams – and reaching for unknown heights – can be much more persuasive than the dream that is not yet realized. And the pain – and grief – that accompany letting go of what we have in favor of what we want can make any trade-off seem dangerously speculative.

The world – and especially the web – are full of people telling you how easy it is to transform your life in 3, 10 or 12 easy steps. But the truth is that authentic transformation is arduous and constant. It requires commitment, perseverance and courage. And while, at times, it may be simple, at other times, even the simplest seeming principle can turn out to be unexpectedly complex.

I am, therefore, not here to tell anyone that it’s a no-brainer to achieve the life of your dreams, triple your income or meet your soul mate. 

But I am here to tell you to keep going: that there is a process underway and that we can’t always understand it as it unfolds.

I am here to be an ally, a willing companion, and an example: to share my own experiences as a reminder that, at times, we may be stretched far beyond our comfort zones in the journey towards becoming the people we feel – in our hearts and in our souls – that we are meant to be.

I am here to say, when in doubt, keep going. 

What Is Divination and What Can It Do For You?

216As I prepare to lead my first workshops on dreaming and divination, it’s occurred to me that there is a lot of confusion and general lack of information about what divination is and the value it provides.

To start with, I have often said that I don’t believe in using divination to focus on the future. Nor, of course, do I approve of oracles who use it to gain power and undue influence over vulnerable clients.

Rather, at its best, divination is a method through which we can detect what is going on in other realms of “reality” that are not visible to us. In our culture, as a rule, we rely on our senses to tell us what is and what is not so. If it can’t be seen, heard, tasted, felt or smelled then, it is often assumed, it probably doesn’t exist.

The problem with this empirical worldview is that there are an abundance of forces that cannot be  physically sensed or measured by the body but that, nevertheless, have a tremendous influence on our lives. Gravity and magnetism are two of the most obvious. We know things fall down, we know a north pole is attracted to a south pole – but can we see the influential forces? Smell them? Hear them? No, we can only see their effects on the world around us.

Similarly, there are energies around us – emotional, spiritual, metaphysical, energetic – that cannot be reliably witnessed by the body. BUT which absolutely show their impact on the world around us.

When we practice divination – and dream work – we are inviting those forces to show themselves to us through a medium. Whether that medium is cards, dreams, bones, shells, runes, coins, fire, or any of the infinite media that humans have used over millenia is not important. What IS important is that we can learn to read these forces through the effect they have on our physical surroundings.

And by being able to read them and measure them, we can use them to live more powerful and integrated lives. Just as mastery of gravity and magnetism has allowed us to live more powerfully in the physical world – so divination can allow us to live a more energetically sound, emotionally grounded and spiritually connected existence.


Are YOU my client?

A Vision Can Be A Delicate Thing
A Vision Can Be A Delicate Thing

I’m a spiritual practitioner yes, but I’m also an entrepreneur and I’m no longer afraid to say it.

During my entertainment career, I resisted the notion that I was in business. In fact, I hated it. I was an artist, after all, and only an artist – and I thought that meant I shouldn’t have to live by everyone else’s rules, especially the rules of the marketplace.

Since then, however, I’ve embraced the fact that, as long as we are living a life of our own design – as artist, activist, or entrepreneur – we are in business.

But, as creative individuals, the questions always remain:

  • How do we find the sweet spot between self-expression and the realities of life? 
  • And what if we go too far in either direction? 
  • Become so stubbornly attached to a vision – of a project or a self – that we don’t make an impact?
  • Or work so hard at being “successful” that we lose track of what we have to say?

Helping creative people re-connect to their visions and their true selves, and guiding them to maintain those truths in the face of daily life, is what I most love to do – because it’s what I do in my own life.

As a mystic, entrepreneur, mother & wife – I walk a path that integrates spiritual devotion, cooking, potty training charts, school pick-ups & business development (among other things) every single day. All while chanting Om, doing rosaries and never, ever getting upset. Not really 🙂

But it has all become one beautiful messy life, rather than a stressful and uneasy co-existence of roles, none of which are really me. Because I was never only an artist, no matter how badly I wanted to be. I was, and am, a human being with diverse desires, seemingly random yearnings and contradictory impulses that I feared could never be brought into balance.

But then I heard someone  say it’s not about balance. It’s about discovering who you really are – and remaining connected to your vision – in every circumstance, no matter what you’re doing at the moment.

Which brings me to these final questions:

  1. Who are you? Really?
  2. What is your vision?  
  3. And how can I help?

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