A Vision Can Be A Delicate Thing
A Vision Can Be A Delicate Thing

I’m a spiritual practitioner yes, but I’m also an entrepreneur and I’m no longer afraid to say it.

During my entertainment career, I resisted the notion that I was in business. In fact, I hated it. I was an artist, after all, and only an artist – and I thought that meant I shouldn’t have to live by everyone else’s rules, especially the rules of the marketplace.

Since then, however, I’ve embraced the fact that, as long as we are living a life of our own design – as artist, activist, or entrepreneur – we are in business.

But, as creative individuals, the questions always remain:

  • How do we find the sweet spot between self-expression and the realities of life? 
  • And what if we go too far in either direction? 
  • Become so stubbornly attached to a vision – of a project or a self – that we don’t make an impact?
  • Or work so hard at being “successful” that we lose track of what we have to say?

Helping creative people re-connect to their visions and their true selves, and guiding them to maintain those truths in the face of daily life, is what I most love to do – because it’s what I do in my own life.

As a mystic, entrepreneur, mother & wife – I walk a path that integrates spiritual devotion, cooking, potty training charts, school pick-ups & business development (among other things) every single day. All while chanting Om, doing rosaries and never, ever getting upset. Not really 🙂

But it has all become one beautiful messy life, rather than a stressful and uneasy co-existence of roles, none of which are really me. Because I was never only an artist, no matter how badly I wanted to be. I was, and am, a human being with diverse desires, seemingly random yearnings and contradictory impulses that I feared could never be brought into balance.

But then I heard someone  say it’s not about balance. It’s about discovering who you really are – and remaining connected to your vision – in every circumstance, no matter what you’re doing at the moment.

Which brings me to these final questions:

  1. Who are you? Really?
  2. What is your vision?  
  3. And how can I help?