What Makes Mrs. Incredible So Incredible? Her Ability To Stretch Herself

On the one hand, things have rarely been better.

Recently I’ve made numerous personal and professional breakthroughs, while my kids have continued to grow and develop in their own unique ways.

On the other hand, this has also been one of the most challenging periods I can remember – distinguishing what to keep and what to give up as I move from one stage of life to the next. After all, when it comes to any transformation -spiritual, professional or otherwise – reassessment is a necessity.  

So lately, what fascinates me is not what my clients need to do, but what prevents them from doing it.

More often than not, the existent fear or belief that blocks us from realizing our dreams – and reaching for unknown heights – can be much more persuasive than the dream that is not yet realized. And the pain – and grief – that accompany letting go of what we have in favor of what we want can make any trade-off seem dangerously speculative.

The world – and especially the web – are full of people telling you how easy it is to transform your life in 3, 10 or 12 easy steps. But the truth is that authentic transformation is arduous and constant. It requires commitment, perseverance and courage. And while, at times, it may be simple, at other times, even the simplest seeming principle can turn out to be unexpectedly complex.

I am, therefore, not here to tell anyone that it’s a no-brainer to achieve the life of your dreams, triple your income or meet your soul mate. 

But I am here to tell you to keep going: that there is a process underway and that we can’t always understand it as it unfolds.

I am here to be an ally, a willing companion, and an example: to share my own experiences as a reminder that, at times, we may be stretched far beyond our comfort zones in the journey towards becoming the people we feel – in our hearts and in our souls – that we are meant to be.

I am here to say, when in doubt, keep going.