february and march 119

“Over centuries, a persistent drop of water will drill holes in the hardest of rocks. In the same way, a persistent, consistent approach to your problem will slowly yield progress over time.” – HEXAGRAM  57*

“Sometimes allowing a collapse is the only way to move ahead.” –  HEXAGRAM 23*

Where in your life is impatience sabotaging your best efforts?

Where are you so uncomfortable that you’re more focused on escaping your situation through daydreams or addictions than on making incremental but lasting improvements?

And where have you given all you can give until you can’t give any more?

One of the things I love most about my work is being able to observe eternal principles of change and transformation play themselves out in my own and my clients’ lives.

Persistence is one such principle.

Without it, we give up too soon . Without it, we may prematurely declare defeat. Without persistence, the impossible remains just that. There is nothing worth doing, that does not demand some degree of persistence.

And yet sometimes it seems wisest – feels most expedient – to let go.

So when do we know the difference? When is it time for Hexagram 57 and when is it time to throw in the towel?

It is during such moments of choice that divination can be most valuable. Sometimes you have to know whether this is the end of the line or just a bump in the road – and free yourself from the anxiety of not knowing if you’re even on the right path anymore.

*I Ching for Beginners – Mark McElroy