Regardless of my clients’ struggles,  my intention is always that they find a way to live in harmony with their highest selves and make powerful, soul-centered decisions guided by their innermost truths.

In planning a series of upcoming readings events, however, I’ve become newly re-aware of another essential aspect of my work: discerning what exactly is blocking someone’s essential truth from emerging right now.

To me, this has always been a particularly exciting and educational aspect of my work because there are as many obstacles to the expression of one’s truth as there are people. The possibilities, in fact, are endless.

I can’t tell you by looking at someone what stops them. But when I look at their cards, I can see entire constellations of fears and behavior that prevent them from taking the risks necessary to live a soul-centered life.

Sometimes, I see someone fearing the destruction that may be unleashed when the truth gets out. At other times, a person is so judgmental of certain, very human, qualities that he or she won’t look at themselves honestly for fear of finding something unacceptable.

Sometimes I see a person trying to avoid unacknowledged pain – fearful of being obliterated by their own enormous grief. At other times, an individual may be tottering on the edge of their comfort zone and lacking the faith – or connection to a higher power – that will have them make a jump.

I believe that, in our hearts, we all want to live in harmony AND we all long to have our outer lives reflect our inner truths.

As human beings, we yearn to see our deepest passions blossom in the light of day. But when it’s not clear what’s holding us back, it makes it that much harder to make the best choices towards those ends.

When I am able to help someone discover what those blockages are, often only then can they take the first steps towards consciously choosing whether to remain in fear or choose something new: whether to remain in the bud, or open to bloom.

It is always an honor to be such an important part of someone’s journey to self – and soul – discovery. But no matter how much safety and love I can offer,  the choosing part is always up to them.  If you knew what was holding you back, what would you choose?