IMG_5339I don’t generally consider the guidance I offer as “advice”, but if I were to offer advice it would be this: follow the guidance.

By this, I don’t mean that we should be slaves to our intuitive counselors, our astrologers or our cards themselves. My work is not about putting myself in a position to tell people what to do.

Rather, because we are raised in a overly-masculinized world that values left-brain rational thinking over anything else, we develop habitual ways of getting by  – and making important decisions – that intentionally bypass our own internal guidance systems.

And while we all still have access – in our stillest, most quiet moments – to our internal guidance, that wisdom too easily gets drowned out by the anxious bustle of our day-to-day thinking patterns.

When you work with me, the guidance you receive doesn’t come from me, nor does it come from an external source named Shee-ra or Archangel Bob. The guidance you receive is a reflection I am able to offer of your own internal knowing.

And, no matter what you may think – when I reflect your own wisdom back to you, you know it in your spirit and your heart.

BUT, being from a culture that turns to the head for the last word on nearly everything, knowing from your spirit and heart – especially when it runs contrary to your head – can feel like a painful dilemma.

After all, how can you trust your spirit and your heart when you have so little experience doing so? And especially when they tell you things that don’t make logical sense or provide the comfort your mind craves?

You practice following the guidance.

So, while I may be able to provide a wonderful experience and clarifying insights in a single appointment, a genuine long-term transformation in how you live is only possible when you  practice accessing and acting on your own guidance.

And – as with all things – it’s good to start small. It’s not necessary to leave your job, change your career, divorce your spouse, or backpack around the world in order to heed your spirit.

Sometimes, all it takes is standing up from your desk, going for a walk and seeing where that leads you.