I think about Vermeer. His images were so peaceful, you’d never know that warfare and uncertainty defined his time.

IMG_0129Walking by Puget Sound,  I also experience the power of  peace against the backdrop of uncertain times. 


What is the proper response to a dead seal on the beach? A young man builds a tomb marker with a piece of driftwood and a white feather. Then he offers a military salute.


I put faith in the idea that if I continue to do what I am called to do, my life will continue to fall into place: work will go on, expenses will be covered,  children will be raised.  


But what about chemical weapons in Syria, extraordinary levels of radiation from Fukushima and increased government surveillance? 

Later in the morning, while I’m waiting for a school bus, Marvin Gaye sings  about another war, …only love can conquer hate.

Let us at least begin by choosing to love where we have failed to love before and create peace in our own lives, where we have waged war.