Rising From The Underworld
Rising From The Underworld

One thing I love about mushrooms is that even when we don’t see them, they’re there – doing their work, decomposing dead matter and helping other living things to thrive.

What we think of as a mushroom is actually the fruiting body of an extensive system of fungal strands called mycelium. These threads form a network – much of it beneath the earth’s surface  – that lives within the soil, spreading itself throughout decaying matter or attaching to the roots of trees. These threads live contentedly underground until conditions on the surface are just right, and then they explode into their recognizable forms…a little bit like me.

Mushrooms come in a seemingly infinite variety of shapes and colors. And while some of them can be plain or ugly, many of them are inarguably beautiful.

Contrary to what we might expect, these things that live on rot, decay and even poop are stunning, colorful, healthy and, in many ways, consciousness expanding.

I love mushrooms because they’re cool. But I also relate to them. I’m not always active. I’m not always out there. I’m not always social. I spend significant periods of time at work “underground” and I’m not always in bloom.

But when the conditions are just right, I too emerge  – like the Greek Goddess Persephone who is symbolized by The Star in the Tarot – to share my beauty, my wisdom, my gifts and my experience.