IMG_2115This winter season has been dramatic – full of more emotion (and, of course, bad weather) than I would have ever thought possible. While in the midst of reconsidering my work and my path, my family and I witnessed the passing of several family members (and a hamster), both at home and across the country.

Nevertheless, more than at any other time in my life, I have consistently been able to connect with that still, quiet place within me.  There are as many names for this place as there are spiritual traditions – or perhaps people – on this planet. Whether you call it God, Jesus, Spirit, Source or the tao, when you have made a habit of being with it, it can provide an ever present sense of sanctuary and a state of peace that is rarely more than a few deep breaths away.

For this, I have my joyous, and disciplined, spiritual practices to thank. It would have been no use learning to meditate in the midst of 911 calls and hospital visits. But the previous years of training proved their value when life seemed to  fall apart again and again around me and those I loved.

There’s no better time to attend to your spirit than now. Especially if now is the moment when all hell is not breaking loose. It takes work and time to build that relationship, and some things are best not left to the last minute, especially when there may be too much else going on.