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April 2014

Are You Too Sensitive?

The Earth itself is both sensitive AND strong.

A number of years ago, I was seeing a therapist who would regularly bring up the fact that I was sensitive. Every time she said it, I would  squirm  because it sounded like she was insulting me and calling me weak.

Needless to say, if there was anything I didn’t want to be called, it was sensitive.

Girl poets who put their heads in ovens were sensitive. Boys who cried on the playground were sensitive. People who didn’t speak up for themselves, who wouldn’t pursue their dreams and who couldn’t succeed were sensitive. And that wasn’t me.

Over time, however, I grew to love my sensitivity and regard it as a gift rather than a liability. Along the way, I also transformed my entire notion of what it means to be a sensitive person in an insensitive world. I discovered that when we try to hide our sensitivity and function like other people (the “insensitives”?) our best results often DO end up flawed and, as our constitutions wear down from neglect, we often DO end up weak (or addicted or depressed).

But, I also learned that when we embrace sensitivity as a precious gift and the source of our greatest contributions, we can surprise ourselves with who we really are and carve out a powerful existence based on our true selves and our authentic strengths.

If you are a person who has ever been called oversensitive or has thought that about yourself, consider looking at the term differently from now on – not as an insult but as a clue to your deeper nature – and try asking yourself some questions:

  • If you spent more time alone and less time forcing yourself to be social, what would happen and how would you feel?
  • If you stopped trying to be like other people and surrendered to being exactly who you are, who would you be?
  • What if the thoughts and images of your imagination were projected outside yourself?  What if you shared your experience of the world? What would be possible? Not just for yourself but for others?
  • And lastly, what if you cherished your sensitivity and designed a life to nurture and care for it? What then?

What Inspires You To Grow?

What internal work goes into the unfurling of a bud?
What work goes into the unfurling of a bud?

Recently, in addition to my usual practices dreaming, reading and attending to the living world around me – I’ve been preparing for my upcoming Mentorship Calls.

I generally curse this kind of stuff. The anxiety I suffer about what I’m going to say and whether anyone will show up is often enough to make me want to say “never again.”

But my contemplative practices – and the fruits which I share with other people – aren’t mine to quit.

I’m clear they are my soul’s work.

This doesn’t mean they don’t challenge me. But as challenges that take me more deeply into myself, they are different from those that would distance me from my soul and the life I seek to live.

Perhaps one of the greatest contemporary myths is the notion of the “perfect” job that will eliminate any sense of “struggle” or “hard work” from life.  But I think it’s only because people are so frequently divorced from the higher purpose of their struggles that they want to avoid them in the future.

In my experience, when I believe my struggles will give strength and courage to others, I don’t resist them. But until my challenges are put in the context of something worthwhile, enduring them can feel pointless and unnecessarily painful.

My work as a guide, a teacher and a mystic consistently gives me the courage to endure what nothing else can. It inspires me to examine my fears and overcome them, to distinguish my limiting beliefs and surrender them.

Is there something that does the same for you? Is there something that could?

How I Found Some Wisdom – And You Can Too

When we share our gifts freely, we have no idea what seeds we are planting.
When we share our gifts freely, we have no idea what seeds we are planting.

My Free Introductory Call to our weekly Mastermind Call is coming up on April 22 at 7:00 p.m. (PST).

Listen in to learn more about the community we are building to support readers, mystics and mediums in mastering their gifts, developing their contributions and enjoying their paths.

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One day, when my son was a baby, I had a conversation with a woman who was a shaman and a healer. When I told her I’d recently been having a lot of dreams, she asked if I’d like to join a dream circle.

Money was an issue. Time was an issue. Childcare and breastfeeding were an issue. But still I said yes – not knowing how I was going to handle even one of those – because I just knew there was something in it for me. And there was.

Over the course of almost two years, our small group met weekly and I learned more than I ever could have imagined about my own gifts and the worlds of imagination, symbolism, healing and the unconscious.

Another day, while sitting on my bed, I had a conversation with a friend who is a passionate advocate for transformation and community. I was writing a book and she asked if I would like to join a Mastermind Call.

I had no idea what a Mastermind Call was, but I’d been facing the same professional challenges for years and, if I was going to overcome them, I just knew I’d need some support.  So I said yes.

Three years later, I still make that weekly call to share my intentions, my triumphs and my failures and to offer my support, my experience and my love. I still face many of the same obstacles I always did, but now I have an arsenal of techniques to overcome them and a team that’s got my back.

Both of these experiences have been integral to my growth as a guide, a teacher and a writer – as well as to my development as a human being. And while the settings have been relatively simple, their impact has been profound.

Sometimes the most powerful way to find our own wisdom is to hear ourselves speaking it out loud. It may be inside us all the time, but often it is only within the space of others’ trusted listening that we feel safe enough to express it and realize what we know.

That’s why I’m inspired to offer that opportunity to others. Because there comes a moment when you’ve read enough books and taken enough classes. There comes a moment when it’s time to listen and be astounded at what you hear – a moment when it’s time to speak and not know what you’re going to say.

Are You On Your Path? Can You Not Be?

If you start where you are, there is always a clear path ahead.
If you start where you are, there is always a clear path ahead.

If you are an intuitive or frequently think “I know things that other people don’t,” my upcoming MASTERMIND CALL starting on May 6 may be for you. 

If you are excited to develop your personal practice and philosophy, our weekly talk will address challenges, help you develop skills and offer support in a friendly, safe and magical environment.

I will be offering a FREE INTRODUCTION to our call on Tuesday, April 22 at 7:00 p.m.

E-mail me at and register now.

In my experience, divination is most beneficial when addressing one’s highest intentions and values. That is why my readings often inquire into what matters most to a person, rather than solely addressing the yes-or-no questions that won’t have a lasting impact.

Within us, we all have deeply-felt dreams and values yearning to be expressed – but when we betray these aspects of ourselves we feel anxious, confused or depressed, and may even become physically ill. At these times, we may sense something is wrong, but not know what.

We may think our circumstances are causing stress. We may think the answer to a seemingly urgent question will calm our uneasy minds. But what we really crave is a sense of peace and the assurance that we are on the right path

I’ve found that, when individuals are confidently on their path – aware of their deepest intentions and making choices in alignment with their highest values – the majority of urgent questions disappear, replaced by faith in a positive outcome and belief in the future.

The paradox, of course, is that you can never really be off your path – no matter how you feel. No experience is ever wasted, just as no failure is ever without its lesson. And every point on every path can  eventually take you where you want to go – even if it means changing direction.

Over the centuries, divination and seeing have been cheapened, sensationalized and corrupted by a variety of forces. But at their best – practiced with care and the highest intentions – they have the power to set people on their right paths: aligning them with their true natures, revealing their deepest wisdom, and healing the separations that ail us all.

It is with this perspective that I guide others to develop their intuitive gifts and overcome the obstacles we experience when our path takes us out of the mainstream and deep into the realm of mystery.

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