If you start where you are, there is always a clear path ahead.
If you start where you are, there is always a clear path ahead.

If you are an intuitive or frequently think “I know things that other people don’t,” my upcoming MASTERMIND CALL starting on May 6 may be for you. 

If you are excited to develop your personal practice and philosophy, our weekly talk will address challenges, help you develop skills and offer support in a friendly, safe and magical environment.

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In my experience, divination is most beneficial when addressing one’s highest intentions and values. That is why my readings often inquire into what matters most to a person, rather than solely addressing the yes-or-no questions that won’t have a lasting impact.

Within us, we all have deeply-felt dreams and values yearning to be expressed – but when we betray these aspects of ourselves we feel anxious, confused or depressed, and may even become physically ill. At these times, we may sense something is wrong, but not know what.

We may think our circumstances are causing stress. We may think the answer to a seemingly urgent question will calm our uneasy minds. But what we really crave is a sense of peace and the assurance that we are on the right path

I’ve found that, when individuals are confidently on their path – aware of their deepest intentions and making choices in alignment with their highest values – the majority of urgent questions disappear, replaced by faith in a positive outcome and belief in the future.

The paradox, of course, is that you can never really be off your path – no matter how you feel. No experience is ever wasted, just as no failure is ever without its lesson. And every point on every path can  eventually take you where you want to go – even if it means changing direction.

Over the centuries, divination and seeing have been cheapened, sensationalized and corrupted by a variety of forces. But at their best – practiced with care and the highest intentions – they have the power to set people on their right paths: aligning them with their true natures, revealing their deepest wisdom, and healing the separations that ail us all.

It is with this perspective that I guide others to develop their intuitive gifts and overcome the obstacles we experience when our path takes us out of the mainstream and deep into the realm of mystery.