What internal work goes into the unfurling of a bud?
What work goes into the unfurling of a bud?

Recently, in addition to my usual practices dreaming, reading and attending to the living world around me – I’ve been preparing for my upcoming Mentorship Calls.

I generally curse this kind of stuff. The anxiety I suffer about what I’m going to say and whether anyone will show up is often enough to make me want to say “never again.”

But my contemplative practices – and the fruits which I share with other people – aren’t mine to quit.

I’m clear they are my soul’s work.

This doesn’t mean they don’t challenge me. But as challenges that take me more deeply into myself, they are different from those that would distance me from my soul and the life I seek to live.

Perhaps one of the greatest contemporary myths is the notion of the “perfect” job that will eliminate any sense of “struggle” or “hard work” from life.  But I think it’s only because people are so frequently divorced from the higher purpose of their struggles that they want to avoid them in the future.

In my experience, when I believe my struggles will give strength and courage to others, I don’t resist them. But until my challenges are put in the context of something worthwhile, enduring them can feel pointless and unnecessarily painful.

My work as a guide, a teacher and a mystic consistently gives me the courage to endure what nothing else can. It inspires me to examine my fears and overcome them, to distinguish my limiting beliefs and surrender them.

Is there something that does the same for you? Is there something that could?