I will take the sun in my mouth  and leap into the ripe air - e.e. cummings
I will take the sun in my mouth
and leap into the ripe air – e.e. cummings

When I started reading cards, I had no idea how much I’d learn: about myself, about the intuitively guided life and, of course, about my wonderful clients.

While I started out as a traditional “tarot card reader,” offering one-time problem-based readings from home, cafes and parties  – eventually I learned how much more powerful it was for my clients to maintain an on-going relationship with their intuitive guidance.

A single reading can help solve a problem, but a series of readings can redirect your life.

Whether you consider guidance as something that originates from your own soul or from a higher power, creating a life from such guidance, rather than by the dictates of your ego, requires practice and support.

That’s why I encourage all my clients to work with me on-goingly – either through a regular coaching arrangement or more informally at various times during a period of growth.

That’s also why I developed my weekly Mastermind Calls. These calls provide a regular opportunity to share your journey in a safe, supportive environment.  Whether you are an intuitive, an artist, a healer or simply seeking to fulfill your soul, drawing from the collective wisdom of your tribe is an essential part of your life’s journey but one that can often be difficult to accomplish.

By coming together this way, soul community becomes a possibility regardless of location or circumstances, and the support you need to take your next steps becomes a reality.