The power to awaken love and healing in ourselves and others comes when we find our own connections to nature and the roots of our experience – Rachel Pollack

No matter how challenging life feels, the experience of connecting with others in a space of love and healing always reminds me that I am not alone in my struggles.

In this way, the work I do supports not only my clients but myself. When we come together with open hearts, and recognize each other’s wholeness, we create a field of fellowship and support that flows both ways.

Left to our own devices – yours and mine – we can easily become mired in doubt and fear. Just as easily, without the loving reflection of others, we often misread our intuitions and desires, missing the essential truths trying to make themselves felt in our lives.

Frequently, my clients respond to a reading with some variation of “that’s what I thought” or “I had a feeling that’s what you would say.” It’s a privilege to be the one who tells them to trust their gut, to honor the most deeply felt stirrings of their souls and to confirm and bless the road ahead.

This is not a poor reflection on them as much as an affirmation of how much we need each other to confirm our most private desires and suspicions. It is also an affirmation of how difficult it can be to get the soul-level support we seek in a world preoccupied with fear, judgement and an attachment to the status quo.

When the longings of our souls contradict the dictates of our families, our identities and our culture, too often it can feel like there’s nowhere for them to be confirmed and celebrated.

But when we have people in our lives  – be they friends, family members or members of our soul community – who champion our journeys wherever they take us, greater levels of passion, truth and power become possible in our lives and those journeys can lead us to entirely unexpected new destinations.

Where are you headed? And do you have who you need to help you get there?