What some might regard as flights of fancy can open whole new worlds if you follow them with honor and respect.

Just as several weeks ago, I was awakened to my own deeper purpose to work with activists on the front lines of environmental sustainability and social justice, I was also recently reawakened to my own path of dreaming and shamanism.

Once again, I am confronted with the possibility that, perhaps, I can only do my deepest and most powerful work when I embrace its duality – in this world with clients and activists and beyond it –  in dimensions that cannot be apprehended with the senses.

For a sense of how I live and the guidance which I receive, I offer the following story:

Friday – I am in our local library picking something up for my son. As I stand on line to check out his Pokemon DVD, my attention is caught by a book on a nearby shelf  – The Boy Who Died and Came Back. Just recently, I’d remembered an incident in which I almost died and was given the choice to leave my body or come back. Like the boy in the title, I’d also chosen to come back. I grab the book – a memoir by Robert Moss, an author I enjoy and who writes about dreaming.

Saturday – I indulge myself by letting the kids play on the computer all afternoon while I dig into the book. What I read resonates strongly with my own experiences of having left my body at age 20 and the long journey of awakening that followed. Surprisingly, the book also reminds me of my daughter’s life. She also left her body briefly when she was a baby and has continued to be a mysterious and complicated soul.

Sunday – My husband is hosting a community drum event and an old client of mine is there. She asks me “Are you doing a dream circle soon? I really want to come.” The synchronicity with my reading from the day before is uncanny. I tell her I wasn’t thinking of it, but since she asked I agree to put something together.

Monday – I announce I will be holding two dream intensives, one over the phone and one in person. Immediately, I have the three dreamers necessary to confirm the phone class. The in-person registration is more complicated. Despite the fact that it was a Tacoman who requested the class, I surrender to the ease with which the phone class came together and let go of any attachment to the in-person workshop.

Along the way, I do readings for myself and the potential dreamers, continue reading Moss’ book and writing down my own dreams.

While it has often been difficult to classify my work, increasingly I am less concerned with that and more inspired by the many purposes which my work appears to serve. And while I’ve often been concerned about expanding its reach, I’ve come to a place where I am thrilled and honored to contribute to the lives of those who seek me out.

You are the ones I do it all for and who make it all worthwhile.