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December 2014

Wanting To Change The World But Don’t Know Where To Start?

The journey to a sustainable, just and fulfilling world starts with the first step. Or the first wish.

My clients generally come to me because they feel confused and disempowered about their personal lives. I am blessed to be able to provide the clarity and confidence so many need to forge ahead.

No one ever comes to me to admit how confused and disempowered they feel about the environment, racism, gender relations or governmental politics. And yet I know this is the true subtext of so much anxiety in almost all of our lives.

My dream is to provide the very same clarity and confidence in approaching the world around us that I have provided regarded our personal lives. I implore everyone: don’t keep focusing on the same old small problems just because you can’t bear to think about the bigger challenges we all share.

When we dedicate ourselves to our own spiritual fulfillment, at a certain point the desire to serve others arises naturally and easily.We begin to think less about our personal needs and more about how we can share our discoveries and gifts with the world around us. And yet, in this day and age, there is a constant barrage of messages telling us things are hopeless and we cannot change the status quo.

That is a lie. There is a great resource lying dormant and that resource is us: the “average” people who feel deeply, who care about the world we live in and which we are leaving to future generations.

This year I was profoundly inspired by a training I did with The Pachamama Alliance called “The Game Changer Intensive.” I had been looking for a way to align my work with a larger organization and my experience with Pachamama has convinced me that it is the right organization with which to join forces.

Starting in January, I will be one of the course moderators, providing call facilitation and message board moderation. This FREE seven week training is designed to educate and inspire people who want to create a just, sustainable and fulfilling world.

There are many steps on the road to global transformation. To admit otherwise would be another lie. But the road of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Engagement with The Pachamama Alliance and The Game Changer Intensive is a first step I can stand behind.

If you are interested, you can read more on the Pachamama website or contact me directly at

Looking At The “Year Ahead”

Only a few more weeks until the days start getting longer again and provide a vivid sign that a new year is upon us.
Only a few more weeks until the days start getting longer again and provide vivid signs that a new year is upon us.

Just this week, I started preparing “Year Ahead” readings for myself and my clients. It’s really one of my favorite things to do because it provides such a comprehensive and vivid map of what a person can expect in the upcoming twelve months.

The format itself is based on the standard wheel of 12 “houses,” familiar to anyone who has received an astrological reading. Each “house” represents an area of your life and for each house, I draw a card. I lay the cards out in a circle and place one more in the center to represent the year’s overall theme. By relating all the “houses” to each other, and including the card in the center, I can discern  a “tone” or “flavor” for the year – including high points, low points, opportunities and pitfalls.

Of course, every spread is completely different and that’s the fun part. It’s an intimate and specific look at people as individuals and reminds me that one of the things I love most about my work is seeing how absolutely unique and special every single person is. Through spreads like this, I am also reminded that all people struggle with different challenges and are blessed with an infinite variety of different gifts.

Clearly, we are all profoundly gifted but, because our society tries to mold us into what it wants us to be, all too often we lose sight of our greatest talents by trying to be someone we are not. When I read a person’s cards, I see past the mold into which they are trying to fit and instead see the essence of who they really are.

Each and every time, it is a gift to reveal a person’s true and most beautiful nature back to them in a way that has them remember who they really are and why they’re really here. If this is something for which you are longing, do not hesitate to reach out and make an appointment. That’s what I’m here for and working together will be as great a joy for me as it is for you.

You CAN Make A Difference

No being is too small. No effort is too insignificant.

Recently I realized that, though I once believed I couldn’t make a difference, that time had passed.

It was a remarkable milestone for someone who grew up with a litany of reasons why I couldn’t make the impact I longed to make.

The process of giving up those reasons was a long one but I encourage anyone who recognizes such barriers in their life to make the effort to let them go.

Here is a list of the reasons I had for being powerless:

  • I am too spiritual and don’t fit in.
  • I am too sensitive and introverted.
  • Nobody listens to me.
  • I don’t have enough money.
  • The world is a bad place and will never change.
  • My opponents are too powerful.
  • Other people are too selfish and don’t care.
  • Not everyone agrees with me and I don’t have the facts.
  • I lack credibility because I’m not successful enough.
  • I have to put my family first.

Do any of these sound familiar or remind you of your own?

If so, write about them, talk about them, ceremonially purge yourself of them. Do whatever you can to let go of the limitations that stop you. And when one limitation arises to take the place of another, do it again. The reasons are not infinite and, one day, with patience and persistence they will be gone.

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