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July 2015

Why Spiritual Activism

IMG_7283It sells nothing. It has no agenda but to give voice to those values which otherwise go unexpressed in the public discourse: values like peace, justice and sustainability.

Unfortunately, as the term “sustainability” has become synonymous with a specific business driven agenda, it’s easy to forget what it’s really about: the capacity of human beings to sustain our presence on this planet.

At a time when resources seemed infinite, sustainability was not an issue in our world. It’s only recently that we’ve seen the vast consequences of the West’s shift towards corporate capitalism, industrialization and technology.

But if things changed so quickly once, they can change again.

There are certainly nefarious individuals among us who would have you believe that greed, violence and injustice are the cornerstones and final words regarding human interaction. In believing that dark vision of human nature, you do their work for them. They would not have you believe in things like peace, cooperation or even an equitable democracy. Instead they wish you only to think the worst of each other and yourselves.

Religious forces ask you to believe in your unworthiness. Capitalist forces ask you to believe in your poverty. Media forces ask you to believe in your helplessness and ugliness. Pharmaceutical forces ask you to believe in your illness. So called educational forces ask you to believe in your children’s disabilities, and political forces ask you to believe in the most pernicious things of all: your separation from other human beings and the world around you. These are the values to which we are exposed everyday. These are the values of every advertising and political campaign, and they play on the assumption that you are inadequate.

As a Spiritual Activist, I only ask that you dare believe in your best, in the power of your voice, in the power of harmony to seek itself and the power of human beings to come together peacefully to create solutions for a better world.

Don’t bother  sharing this message with the ignorant, the angry or the willfully indifferent. I don’t speak for them, I speak for you: the caring but overwhelmed, the loving but discouraged, the peaceful but afraid.

I speak in order that you find your own voice, your own courage and your own sense of purpose. I speak to let you know that you are not alone and to remind you that when you give in to cynicism and pessimism, you give in to those forces which seek to make you powerless by turning your own mind against you.

As Margaret Mead once famously said: never doubt that a small group of committed individuals has the power to change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.

More Thoughts on Fundraising and The Hive

IMG_1006 (2)Earlier this month I began a GoFundMe campaign to raise $2000 for a leadership conference in San Francisco called The Hive. So far, the campaign has received $1300 from 23 people – in a variety of amounts between $10 and $250 – and I appreciate every last bit of it.

In addition to allowing me to attend the event, the experience of requesting financial support has also pushed me to articulate what I do, what I stand for and how I see my purpose in the world. If you’re curious about any of it – especially if you’re on the fence about whether to contribute – please read on…

For almost a decade, I’ve read people’s cards and offered the guidance, support and space they’ve needed to connect with their own internal wisdom and make the most powerful choices possible. Out of our work together, my clients have frequently experienced a sense of inner peace, connection and stability that so many people long for in our busy world.

In more recent years, I’ve facilitated a rag tag group of spiritual seekers in the Tacoma area: supporting them to find the wisdom and power in their own diverse spiritual experiences, and creating the rare opportunity to share their most private spiritual experiences and questions in an environment of safety and acceptance.

I’ve enjoyed both tremendously, learning a great deal not only from my work with others but from my private spiritual practices as well. More than anything, I’ve learned firsthand the power that authentic connections – to one’s own heart and the hearts of others – have to alter perspectives on our own lives and the world around us.

At a time when problems can seem overwhelming and out of control, I’ve witnessed the capacity of such connections to create clarity and power where before there was only stress and overwhelm. And I am clear that, if such clarity and power is possible in individuals facing personal difficulties, it is possible for a world facing the kinds of dangers that threaten the existence of us all.

My intention in attending The Hive is to discover new ways of making my insights and skills valuable on a greater scale, and to join a global community of leaders also committed to creating a better world.

I’m clear that so much of what I’ve already learned is thanks to the generous trust my clients and my community has put in my wisdom and insight. And I’m clear that, at this point, I’m moving forward because of that same trust.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me along the way and thank you in advance for generously supporting this next step,

Yours, Jesi

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