The view from my room at Cavallo Point Lodge. If it wasn’t for the fog, beyond the eucalyptus, you’d see the Golden Gate Bridge.

One of the hardest parts of preparing for The Hive Global Leaders Program this week was getting over the idea that I didn’t belong.

Once the initial euphoria of anticipation passed and I took a look at who my fellow Hivers  were, a shock of “I’m out of my league” shuddered through me and I closed my laptop lid.

As much as our hearts may dream of expanding our horizons and recreating ourselves in the model of who we are inside, our egos and identities want to keep us safe. There’s a  reason why we lead the lives we do and why so many dreams go unfulfilled. When we step into the unknown and out of the comfort zone of familiarity, a lot of uncomfortable emotions arise. And it’s a lot easier, and a lot safer, to avoid such raw feelings of uncertainty. It’s a lot easier to postpone something until we feel more ready, accomplished or prepared.

But there’s nothing like jumping in.

So I did. And with the loving support of friends and colleagues, I got over myself and started considering that I belong. Because I say I do. Because I know there’s a place for connection, communion and awareness in all spheres of life, and I want to bring those things to global leaders, just like I’ve been bringing them to my friends and clients all along.

I belong here because I see a need and I want to fill it: with insights, support and everything else I bring when I show up. I’m not like the other entrepreneurs, techies and leaders whom I’m meeting (most of them at least) and that’s okay. In fact, that’s exactly why I need to be here.