2016 was a year of enormous change in my life. There was relationship change, professional change, housing change and, perhaps most obvious of all, a name change. After more than 13 years as Jesica Davis, in 2016 I became Jesica Hanley Vega.

While I was creating a fresh start in taking a new name, I also felt it was important to honor where I’ve come from. So  I chose to acknowledge women on both sides of my family – my paternal great grandmother Anna Rose Hanley, and my maternal grandmother Carmen Vega.

In doing so, I also sought to acknowledge the diversity of my ancestry —  to claim the Irish Hanley clan as well as la familia Vega from Puerto Rico (and originally, Spain). Though my Goldberg, Ortega and Volk lineages were omitted in the process, these names are still written in my heart, if not on my driver’s license.

So what’s in a name? We shall see.  Even though the change was approved on August 5, this process of change – like all such processes – had been a gradual one. For the time being, my domain name will remain the same and, since I’ve got hundreds of beautifully designed business cards with the old name, so will my card and the purpose it declares:

Providing radical new perspectives on challenges and dilemmas, and powerful openings for professional and personal transformation.